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Our website was paid for through BID funding, and up to now has acted as a contact and reference point for companies on the estate.

We need all companies to get involved and send us the latest information about their business, services and products. Also, consider sending information about your company that could be included in a future "Company Spotlight" page - it's free to member companies.

Some of the information about companies on this site have been gleaned from the internet and may be out of date. Please check and inform us if changes need to be made.

The more people who know about this website the better it will serve everyone, please consider adding a link from your company website. Hopefully every time someone includes Cowpen Lane when they are searching the internet, this site will be listed.

Let's all get involved and make the site the resource we know it can be...

Any amendments (saved as Rich Text Format) should be sent to sales@forestdesignandprint.co.uk


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