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Since 1971, Geoffrey Robinson Ltd has been working with its clients in the public and private sector to improve their working environments and facilitate the most suitable energy utilisation.

In the early 1970’s we were actively contributing to the four fold expansion in the use of natural gas. We were the first contractor in the North East to provide polyethylene gas pipework for our clients’ side of their gas meter. Over the decades we have provided these clients with their preferred energy source, often with facilities to change between fuels.

The depth of our Company lies in its provision of Building Engineering Services enhanced by our developed expertise in the following:-

  1. Heating systems
  2. Steam Generation and Utilisation
  3. Boiler Plant, including Biomass
  4. Gas Engineering
  5. Gas Servicing
  6. Piped water services
  7. Compressed Air
  8. Light fabrication Works
  9. Ductwork, Ventilation and Insulation Works
  10. RPZ Valves – Maintenance and Commissioning
  11. Term Maintenance Contracts
  12. Photovoltaic’s (PV Solar Energy)
  13. Solar Thermal Technology

The Company has grown through reputation and the development of close-working relationships with clients within both the public and private sectors.

We pride ourselves on installing fully compliant systems with the clients’ needs being our priority.

With the need for carbon reduction and energy conservation Geoffrey Robinson Limited has for some time been installing renewable energy solutions. This is detailed in our new green website; gr4renewable-energy.com. By example we have, for a number of large country houses with their own woodland, installed woodchip-fired boiler plants to give an ideal energy solution.

The industry has undergone many changes in the 40+ years since the Company was formed but we have the same values as we did then; honesty, loyalty, value for money, excellent customer service and exceptional standards. We hope to continue this service into the future.

Click here to visit our Renewables website: www.gr4renewable-energy.com

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