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Cowpen Lane Industrial Estate is located at Billingham in Teesside and benefits from easy access to both the A19 and A66 trunk roads, as well as good links with the national roads network.

The estate accommodates around 100 businesses, creating a livelihood for the people of Billingham and the wider Teesside area.

Billingham has a strong and diverse economy, with its historical roots in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. The thriving business community on the Cowpen Lane Industrial Estate varies in the nature and type of business operations, ranging from small indigenous operations to major multinationals and world class companies. A great many organisations have made substantial investments in the area and the fact that they continue to thrive and maintain their commitment to the estate demonstrates that, as a location it provides a business environment in which they can prosper, flourish and feel confident enough to expand and reinvest.

Developed by the Cowpen Lane Association (BID) Ltd., this website lists the companies operating on the estate, the diversity, range and size of businesses and gives an indication of the services that they provide to each other and further afield.

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